Small Acrylic Name Plaque (25cm)

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Acrylic name plaques are made from 3mm thick acrylic.

Small - Up to 250mm long x 100mm max height

  • Choose your colour
  • Choose your font
  • You then have the option for the entire plaque to be in one piece, example, dots of i's will be attached. Or it can be separated, which means your plaque will be in separate pieces. 
  • We can apply ORAFAL double sided tape prior to cutting for easy application if required. Please note this is very strong industrial strength tape and once mounted it will be near impossible to remove or reposition without damaging the wall and snapping the plaque.
  • Choose your finish - Majority of our acrylic is gloss one side and matte the other. Please select what finish you would like for the front of your plaque. 

    Clear is ONLY available in gloss.

    Frosted is matte both sides.

    Mirror is single sided, just like a standard mirror.

The final size of your plaque will depend on how many, letters are in your chosen word/name. Chances are, a name with fewer letters will reach the maximum height before reaching the maximum length. Longer names will more than likely reach the maximum length before they reach the maximum height, so please take this into consideration when choosing your size. 

Please check all spelling. Including capitals, as plaques will be made exactly as written. No proof supplied unless requested. 

Fonts are case sensitive.  

If you would like more than one name/word or if your name plaques will be placed next to each other, please contact us as they will need to be cut at the same height in order for them to look in proportion. 

Please note that we thicken the letters for extra strength. Please use the text in the font preview as a guide. 

All of our acrylic comes with a protective layer to protect. Please remove once mounted.

Please take care when handling your acrylic plaque, once cut it can be quite brittle & can be easily scratched or broken if not handled with care. We are not responsible if your plaque gets scratched or damaged once you have unpacked your items.

Custom sizes are available. Please contact us for details. 



Small Acrylic Name Plaque (25cm)

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