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Custom Dye Sublimation Prints

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Colour Chart

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Would you like to do dye sublimation but don't have a printer? No problem! We’ll print your sublimation prints for you. 

What is Dye Sublimation? 

Dye Sublimation is a specialised form of printing that uses heat to transfer vivid, full-color prints onto materials. Once the ink is heated it tranfoms into a gas which impregnates the product, giving vibrant long lasting results. 

  • A4 sheets
  • No minimum quantity
  • Printed on high quality paper using top of the line inks 
  • Images will be printed in reverse - ready to be pressed

To order 

  • Upload a file that fits an A4 page
  • Lay out your page as you require - with a single large design or multiple smaller designs per sheet
  • Please make sure all images are sent at the required size as images will be printed exactly as we receive them
  • Select landscape or portrait orientation. It isn't always obvious which way you require the print
  • No need to reverse your file. Our printer will automatically reverse the image

A set up fee may apply if we are required to draw artwork or make any adjustments

When you receive your prints 

You may ask why your prints appear dull - Don't worry, just apply some heat to activate the sublimation inks, and you'll get vibrant results!

When pressing your image an iron is not recommended - it won't provide sufficient pressure or heat. To achieve optimal results, use a flat heat press for fabrics, a mug press, oven or air fryer for mugs.. Heat transfer tape is required to hold your design in place while pressing items such as mugs. 

Tips for success

  • For best results choose sublimation blanks that are white or light in colour
  • Ensure the your item is suitable for sublimation
  • It is important to check fabric material, Sublimation ONLY works with polyester fabrics
  • All products require different heat and pressure. We recommend following the time & pressure guidelines provided by your blank supplier 


Important - Images must be your own - no copyright material. If you do place a order for an image that is subject to copyright, eg Disney etc, your order will be cancelled. 

Please Note All of our acrylic is cut with a film covering the acrylic to protect it. Please remove prior to use.

Where applicable please select your required acrylic finish. This does not apply for Frosted or Mirror acrylic colours. If no selection is made, you will receive a matte finish. If ordering Frosted or Mirror acrylic, please leave the selection box blank. (This is not relevant for all products, only those that have the finish options)

2mm Acrylic is only available in gloss, if ordering 2mm & matte finish is chosen please note that it will be cut in gloss. Please order 3mm if you require a matte finish.